Property Management

Organizational Management

The administrative aspect of property management is one of the most important service we provide. At Killington Vacation Rentals, we pride ourselves on providing excellent leadership in the following areas:

  • Board Relations. Meet with the Board of Directors to review financial reports and discuss upcoming goals and activities for the Association.
  • Declaration and Bylaws. Review, interpret, and modify Association governing documents in accordance with the Board of Directors’ objectives.
  • Enforcement of Rules and Policies. Interpret and enforce rules. Guide the Board with development or amendment of rules and procedures.
  • Correspondence. Prepare and distribute Association correspondence and notices. Develop and maintain effective complaint procedures. Respond to inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Committee Relations. Provide direction and support for volunteer committees when requested.
  • Annual Meetings. Coordinate notice, proxy, agenda and ballot process for Annual Meetings of the Association.
  • Act as chairperson for the meeting if requested.
  • Insurance. Negotiate and maintain the appropriate property and liability coverage for the Association.
  • Assist in processing claims related to the property.
  • Record Maintenance. Maintain all current and archived records for association including unit owner information, contracts, insurance information, and accounting records.

Financial Management

At KVR we place emphasis on our accounting abilities and the importance of a solid accounting system. We have the finest accounting department of any property management firm anywhere. Specific accounting services that we offer include:

  • Bank Accounts. Insure that all operating, reserve and other accounts are properly set up,maintained, and reconciled.
  • Collections. Enforce the collection of monthly fee, assessments and other charges. Maintain aggressive follow-up action on all unpaid fees or assessments.
  • Budget. Prepare annual operating budget for review and approval by the Board and/or Association.
  • Help the Board maintain a long-range capital replacement reserve schedule.
  • Invoices. Approve and pay all invoices on a weekly basis in accordance with the budget. Provide copies of all bills and invoices paid from the Association’s account if requested.
  • Financial Statements. Prepare monthly financial statements showing total monthly and year-to-date activity by line item. Compare budgeted income and expenses to actual income and expenses and suggest corrective action to the Board when advisable.
  • Audit. Assist the Association’s outside accountant/auditor in performing the annual audit and federal income tax preparation.

Property Maintenance

KVR has a well-trained maintenance staff that is ready to perform emergency services and general repairs. Our qualified staff allows us to provide 24-hour emergency services in a timely and efficient manner. Roof leaks, plumbing problems, flood damage, common area repairs, and major renovations can all be handled quickly by our staff. We have also developed working relationships with a large variety of competent vendors in all areas of construction and improvement. At KVR we recognize that property management is an around the clock business. We are always available to you.